Four things about me that matter here (in no order of importance):

  • I am a sociologist who wonders/studies/teaches on the social and cultural implications of digital technology. Having taught in a mass comm school for seven years, I’ve managed to learn enough about the digital and social media industries’ impact on journalism, public relations and advertising to be dangerous. Now, as chair of a sociology department at a small liberal arts college, I’m re-discovering why I love this discipline.
  • I am a mother of two children born on the same day, 5 yrs apart (trust me, I have No Idea how that happened).
  • I continue to be committed to working out what it is to follow Jesus.
  • And finally, yes, I turned 40 several years back and started this blog.

This blog is motivated by a desire to think out loud about the American cultural moment of moving into the middle season of one’s life. Commonly represented by black balloons, laments over love-handles, deep-in-the-trenches parenthood, mid-life crises, and the disillusionment of suburban tranquility, the milestone of turning 40 seems to deserve something far more respectful, contemplative, and wry.

Admittedly,  circa40 is also a broader space where three primary facets of my identity–as a sociologist, mother, and follower of Jesus–get to puzzle through cultural observations and challenging questions that are inherent to the texture of today’s digitally saturated life, parenthood and religious commitment.

When I was 21, I read that the propensity to “notice” things was both a gift and a burden. If things go right, this blog will un-burden in such a way that is rendered a gift.

– F


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